Salford Group Launches New Site, Unifies Subsidiary Branding

Salford group home page

Salford group home page

February 10, 2016 (Salford, ON) Salford Group, an emerging global power in the farm equipment sector, announces the launch of its new website and unified subsidiary branding in time for the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show.

In the last 16 months, North American tillage and seeding equipment maker Salford, has joined forces with BBI Spreaders of Georgia, as well as Canadian application and aeration tool manufacturers Valmar Airflo and AerWay.  The unified Salford Group is now comprised of four companies dedicated to soil productivity and increased farming economics.

The relaunched reflects the expanding company’s dominance in multiple areas.  Salford Group is now a one-stop global shop for across-the-board nutrient application, from Salford’s sub-soil air drill options, to BBI’s spinner-style broadcast applicators, to Valmar’s super-sized pneumatic boom spreaders. BBI and AerWay also offer multiple solutions for manure management, allowing farmers to leverage material savings from production of organic fertilizer within their operations.

Also on display on the new Salford Group website is a variety of products that bridge every economic level of agriculture. Producers will be presented with multiple tillage solutions from Salford’s Independent Series, along with Valmar’s popular cover crop applicators, and custom-tailored spreaders by BBI and Valmar for large-acreage operations.  Small to mid-sized farms will also see multiple options across all the product families, including spreaders from BBI designed for turf and golf course management and advanced aeration for hay and pasture environments from AerWay.

According to Salford Group Marketing Manager Anson Boak, the theme of the site is all about choice. “At Salford, we’re committed to bringing together the best equipment options in the industry that equip producers with the tools they need to increase their economic performance,” said Boak. “That means giving them control and command – whether it’s a tillage piece equipped with a finishing package, optimized for multiple field conditions, or a spreader that features sectional control for drastically-reduced material waste.”

With dealer locators, financing information, and company news geared to the Salford Group agriculture show appearances, the new makes demonstrating and buying the company’s equipment easier than ever.

In addition to the products on display at, the new site also features the In the Dirt Producer Experience, a set of informational and instructional videos aimed at helping farmers get the most out of their equipment and their farms.  The site also features running streams of the company’s @SalfordGroup Twitter account, as well as the company’s Facebook page.

BBI Javelin from salford group

BBI Javelin from salford group

Coinciding with the release of the site at NFMS Louisville is the newly-unified branding for Salford Group and its subsidiaries. Debuting at the National Farm Machinery Show within the BBI product family are new product decals which reflect the Salford master brand, along with BBI and the well-known names of its industry-leading broadcast applicators, led by the flagship BBI MagnaSpread and BBI Endurance lines. “Our new branding reflects Salford Group’s efforts to not only unify under one brand, but to also honor what got us to this point—the legacy of four great companies, each with a great purpose to benefit its customers with durable, versatile equipment,” stated Boak.

For more information on the unified Salford Group arsenal of equipment built for soil productivity, head to the newly-launched

About Salford Group

Salford Group is a global leader in the manufacturing of tillage, seeding, and precision nutrient application equipment.  Salford engineers and manufactures highly productive agricultural equipment from its facilities in Iowa, Georgia, Ontario and Manitoba.  Salford is dedicated to improving agricultural productivity and profitability through innovation and advancements in precision, durability, versatility in the field.

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