Salford Group Turns its Valmar 245 Pull-Type Granular Applicator up a Notch

June 15, 2016 (Salford, ON) Salford Group, a leader in the design and manufacture of granular applicators for fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide, seed and seed inoculant, has brought its new Valmar 246 Pull-Type Granular Applicator for herbicides and seeds out for its first public viewing at the 2016 Canada’s Farm Progress Show.  The Valmar 246 takes all the best features of the original 245 and marries it with more capacity and finer sectional control to increase efficiency and reduce input costs, making farmers’ lives easier along the way. 

The new Valmar 246 hopper size increases the capacity of the machine by 50% over the Valmar 245 to a total capacity of 60 cu. ft. This means farmers can cover even more acres between fills.  Four meters on the 246 enables finer sectional control, allowing farmers to manually shut the machine down to ¼ the 60 ft. boom which saves both input costs and the environment.

However, everything farmers liked about the original Valmar 245 has been kept.  Its rugged construction is sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of large farming operations.  Its ground driven metering system ensures precise application rates in increments of 5%.  Drive ratio changes are made at the gearbox, eliminating the need to move chains and realign sprockets.  And for cropping conditions that require a rate change on the go, an optional Alternate Rate Kit can be added to allow for instantaneous rate change.

Equally as important, the Valmar 246’s 60 ft. boom is self-levelling to ensure a uniform spread pattern, regardless of field conditions.  For safety, the boom features 8 ft. breakaway tips to help minimize damage that may occur from striking an obstacle in the field.

The Valmar 246 maintains the easy calibration system of the 245.  The venturi and manifold system can be dropped so that a funnel tray can be inserted for easy collection of product.  A crank handle is provided to simulate ground travel and establish precise calibration for any product.  This same system makes for easy cleaning and maintenance with moveable plexi-glass shields and sliding gates which allow the rollers to be removed for cleaning or inspection.

“The Valmar 246 is about providing large farming operations with a choice against custom application,” said Jason Janzen, Inside Sales and Customer Service Manager for the Valmar product line at Salford Group.  “Salford heard from farmers that they liked all the aspects of the Valmar 245 but that bigger capacity would help them save time.  Also, farmers have been consistently asking for finer sectional control to help manage input costs and over fertilization.  We saw that both of those requests were possible and set out to create a machine that would deliver on those items.”


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