BBI and Salford Join Forces, Renew Commitment to Service, Innovation

Salford BBI Endurance Truck Mount Litter Spreader

As reported in BBI Spreader News, BBI Spreaders recently joined forces with new parent company Salford Group, pairing BBI’s industry-leading precision broadcast applicators with Salford Farm Machinery’s innovative lineup of tillage and fertilizer application equipment.

Salford, founded in 1978 in Salford, Ontario, has built a strong track record of success in similar fashion to BBI—through listening to farmers in the field and engaging in near-constant research and development to bring new equipment designs to market year after year.  According to David King, Director of Global Sales and Marketing at the combined company, the keys to Salford’s growth have been a commitment to developing niche products within normally crowded spaces such as tillage, as represented by the company’s popular Independent Series, as well as concerted efforts to broaden distribution channels, expand markets, and increase available manpower on customer service teams.

“First, we took tillage and really expanded the markets where we take it with the Independent Series,” said King, based in Salford’s Osceola, Iowa offices. “It’s a great line with true innovation in vertical tillage, where each independently-mounted coulter tackles terrain obstacles on its own, instead of one blade potentially impeding the entire implement.  With that product line taking off in the market over the last decade, we made a concerted effort to expand distribution channels, particularly in the United States and Canada, as well as Russia, which has similar terrain, climate, and overall growing conditions to what we have here in North America.”

As the company has added new dealers and distributors worldwide, King says that Salford has added territory sales and service managers to keep up with support demands for equipment and precision ag electronics.

Now, with the integration of the BBI product line and the two companies’ sales and marketing teams on the docket, King sees a stream of steady wins for agriculture equipment dealers and farmers in the field.  He sees the powerful combination of two companies committed to ongoing innovation in specialized, niche products, with little distribution overlap and powerful synergies ahead. “Salford is able to make products unique to a space that not everybody can make, and when we look to acquire companies, we look for something similar—BBI was just like that in the fertilizer spreader space,” King stated.

“BBI has a very good reputation, and their spreaders fit seamlessly into where we thought we had a gap in our fertilizer application line—with our air carts.  We also felt like they had a lot of distribution and dealers in areas where we did not, particularly in the southeastern and western United States, and while there was some overlap, they filled in a lot of missing areas for us.”

And according to King, the brave new world that BBI and Salford share together only gets better for BBI dealers and customers. “Thinking globally, the BBI manufacturing and warehousing location is great, as it adds a world-class facility to what we already have in Iowa, Canada, and Russia,” said King. “We will now be able to leverage all of these facilities for our full product lines—both Salford and BBI—for products, electronics, and replacement parts, enabling us have greater availability and responsiveness than ever before for our dealers and customers in the field.”

“Furthermore, BBI dealers and farmers will now see first-hand our commitment to putting more boots on the ground in their service, as we are now training more people to serve their needs,” stated King. “This is about two great companies coming together to grow two great product lines and invest in each other with a more complete, more robust product offering for the fertilizer market with a better response than ever. This team is growing multi-fold—sales, service, parts, electronics support—it’s all there, and we’re excited about the combined company’s next stage of growth and our place in taking farmers to next-level economic performance with outstanding tillage and fertilizer application equipment.”