Klyn Leads Strong Salford Exhibition at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

Salford BBI Endurance Litter Spreader

The end of summer is here, and that means it’s time to head for Woodstock, Ontario for the largest outdoor gathering of the Canadian farming community.

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, presented by Farm Credit Canada, will take place September 15-17 at Canada’s Outdoor Park in Woodstock, centered in one of the country’s prime agricultural areas approximately two hours west of Toronto. The event attracts more than 42,000 attendees to do business with more than 750 exhibitors from every sector of agriculture, including equipment, technology, and services.

Henk Klyn, Salford Group’s territory manager for eastern Canada, leads the charge from booth SM228 at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, showcasing an array of equipment from the company’s Salford tillage, BBI spreaders, and Valmar application divisions.

The Woodstock event marks the Canadian market debut of Salford’s PathFinder, a steerable undercarriage designed to carry aftermarket dry and liquid fertilizer tanks for strip-till and row crop application. 

Salford tillage and commodity cart

The PathFinder, designed to fit many aftermarket tank types, was created with Salford’s most recent acquisition in mind, the Valmar Airflo line of application products, including the Valmar ST-6 and ST-8 dry product delivery tanks (the ST-8 is also on display at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show). 

Other features of the PathFinder include a steerable axle that can be adjusted from 120 inches up to 160 inches, developed to meet row crop and controlled traffic farming requirements, as well as standard 380/90R46 row crop tires and high clearance axle design also allow the machine to enter the field for later season applications.  Pathfinder also comes with a universal, double ball hitch, so that the cart can be coupled with virtually any leading tool bar, strip-till or tillage implement or planting equipment. 

Attendees at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show should be sure to check out the brand new hybrid tillage beast from Salford’s Independent Series for true vertical tillage. Launched earlier this summer at Canada’s Farm Progress Show, the I-4200 is built for soil productivity by combining elite residue mixing and superior field finishing capabilities seen in previously introduced I-Series machines. The I-4200 is optimized for Salford seeding and fertilizer application attachments.

Another recently-launched Independent Series piece, the I-2200 is a true vertical tillage beast, combining the Coil-Tech Coulter 1 5/8-inch Independent blade mounting system of the I-2100 with the 5-inch spacing of the I-1200. This combination allows for multiple in-field benefits, including excellent seed bed preparation, thorough residue sizing, effective mechanical weed control, 60 percent more spring down pressure (versus the Coil-Tech I), and deeper penetration into tough ground conditions via 22-inch blades and increased 'jackhammer' effect (versus 20-inch blades on Coil-Tech I).

These performance characteristics, combined with the speed capabilities of the entire I-series line, make the new I-2200 a formidable and highly productive package. The I-2200 is compatible with all Salford seeding and fertilizer application attachments including Switchblade hydraulic shanks. This allows for the combination of multiple operations into one pass, therefore multiplying the productivity factor of the machine. The I-2200 may also be combined with Salford standard and Flex Finish harrow systems to produce a fine, level field finish.

Last but not least from the I-Series, I-5100 builds on the company’s patented design to deliver the line’s first full primary tillage machine. With blades spaced at five inches in four rows, on the longest tillage frame in the Independent series, the I-5100 brings exceptional residue flow. The high-clearance individual blade mounts make this unit almost impossible to plug.

Klyn will also bring a 550 series field cultivator, with hydraulic, self-leveling frames, and fine-adjust, single-point depth control as standard features, as well as an 8200 Tandem-Flex Trail plow. The 8200 features four-way flex, allowing the plow to flex laterally and vertically in the center, giving the machine exceptional steering and contouring ability.  

Salford Valmar Seeding Equipment

From the Salford BBI line of precision broadcast applicators, Klyn will showcase Endurance, the industry leader in the application of litter and a wide range of organic materials.  Endurance is also available in a variety of hopper sizes, in pull-type and truck-mount options.  The option-rich line features standard ISOBUS connections for convenient connections to all precision farming technology, and Salford BBI’s Task Command System, featuring guidance and variable rate control, is also standard issue.

Also making an appearance at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show from the BBI lineup is Trooper, a compact, rugged model primarily used in fleets for small farm operations.

From the Valmar lineup of precision application equipment, Klyn will feature a 2455 implement-mount granular applicator for both seeding and herbicide/insecticide use. 55 series applicators from Valmar achieve industry-leading precision through ground-wheel drive metering that ensures an accurate application rate, regardless of ground speed.

Another recently-launched product on display at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, from the recently acquired Valmar application lineup, is the Airflo 8600.  A high-capacity, pull-type fertilizer spreader, the Airflo 8600 features pneumatic booms available up to 60 feet. The 8600 combines mammoth hopper capacity with precision metering delivered by a ground-wheel-drive system that adjusts application rate on-the-go, ensuring uniformity regardless of ground speed.

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show is also known for its emphasis on field demonstrations, and Salford Group is proud to present the 522 Air Drill for demonstration at this year’s event. The 522 starts with a standard double disc opener to reliably place seed and fertilizer at the correct depth, with a range between 90 and 500 pounds of down force per row. Drills are available with 7.5" or 10" spacing.

Led by paired caster wheels with walking tandems on the main frame, 522 Air Drills spread the weight of the heavy-duty frame evenly for improved flotation, and in-field stability. The front casters allow for shorter turn radius in the field and feature a rotation brake for road transport. Two sets of twin toolbars allow for multiple seeding, fertilizer and no-till configurations. 

520 Air Drills are fitted with either Zero Max™ mechanically adjustable ground driven metering or hydraulically-driven variable rate metering.  Salford commodity tanks are designed for rapid, easy cleanout, and can hold seed or fertilizer.  Single tank and twin tank models are available with twin tank capacities reaching up to 320bu to keep operators in the field longer.

For more information on Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, running September 15-17 at Canada’s Outdoor Park in Woodstock, Ontario, visit the show website at www.outdoorfarmshow.com.