Salford Launches New Row Crop Air Boom Available for Select Salford Applicators

New for 2018 On the heels of launching the Salford-Valmar 6700 Mounted Air Boom Applicator, Salford Group is releasing a row crop air boom for the new 8700 Pull-Type Air Boom Applicator. Both the 6700 and 8700, along with the newly released Ferti-GO 4S, will be on display at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, February 14 – 17, 2018.

“The 6700 and 8700 are some of the first, if not the only, air boom applicators with the option of true 30 inch row spacing,” said Mark Averink, Salford’s Engineering Manager.  “This new air boom includes a lot of new air flow technology that’s allowed us to offer left/right section control and accurate product distribution across the 60 foot, row-crop compatible boom.  The boom width and axle spacing are designed to match 24 row planters for controlled traffic compatible application.”

Brad Baker, Salford’s Senior Product Manager, noted that Salford’s Valmar 8700 takes advantage of other new advancements in Salford’s air boom technology as well. The 8700 incorporates a new left, right air boom pitch adjustment that Salford developed for the 9620 high capacity air boom applicator. The bi-fold booms on the 8700 feature 7 foot spring-loaded breakaway tips on each side for obstacle protection, as well as from the cab hydraulic controls for folding and pitch adjustment.

“The row-crop boom for pull-type machines is being released to allow more producers in 30 inch row crop areas to be able to utilize this technology,” said Baker. “By developing air boom outlets on 30 inch centers, Salford has developed an applicator that is capable of going into standing crops and directing fertilizer below the canopy to target the fertilizer where it is needed most - minimizing burn that can happen to the crop from broadcasting over the canopy.”

The 8700 is available with 8 ton (260 cubic foot) and 11 ton (357 cubic foot) hopper designs. An optional secondary hopper gated partition, and secondary metering, can split the tank for multi-product metering, allowing producers to apply fertilizer and herbicide or a micro-nutrient in one pass. Salford’s air boom applicators are available with ISOBUS compatible, variable rate, and section control systems for precision application with many industry leading terminals.

See the 8700, and more of Salford’s new products, at the National Farm Machinery Show in booths 8566 and 7623.