Precision Agriculture

Salford is an industry leader in Electronics for Spreaders. The BBI Binary Manifold is designed to quickly Plug N Play with Agricultural Electronics. All Salford Hydraulic Spreaders come equipped with a Binary Manifold and are ready for all Electronics for Spreaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use my original equipment electronics with my applicator?

Absolutely!  Since all BBI hydraulic spreaders are standard-equipped with our exclusive Binary Manifold, it's easy to use OEM and after-market electronics with a spreader applicator. We equip BBI Hydraulic Spreaders with basic, straight-rate control and guidance, compatible with OEM and other agricultural electronics on offer from other providers.

Q: How do I set up my Ag Leader Edge system to work with my Salford BBI hydraulic spreader?

The following videos will walk you through the process of setting up your Ag Leader Edge system to work with your ISOBUS-ready BBI spreader.  Click on the links below to watch BBI's Steve Owenby explain! 

1.  Setting up an A B Line.   

2.  How to set up and change swath width.  

3.  How to set the GPS Hertz Setting. 

4.  How to change the Spread rate and Add a New Product.   

Q: What constant number should I use for my BBI spreader in my controller?

Here is a list of the constant numbers for use in controllers with your Salford BBI spreader: link

Q: How do I set up and use my TeeJet CenterLine 250 with my Salford BBI spreader?

Please watch the following videos which describe the set up for a Centerline 250 (CL250) with a BBI hydraulic spreader. 

1 of 3: Centerline 250 Turning On, Language Setup, and User Setup Functions


2 of 3: Centerline 250 Machine Setup and Counter Functions


3 of 3: Centerline 250 Groundspeed Warnings, Homescreen Display, and Guidance Functions