BBI side Shooter DAIRY Spreader

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Meet BBI SideShooter, a dairy cow’s best friend, and Salford’s custom-tailored, side-discharge bedding dairy spreader optimized for the dairy market. SideShooter provides maximum comfort to milking cows through precise, balanced distribution of dairy sand into a free-stall barn used for milking cows. The SideShooter dairy spreader empowers dairy operators with the ability to reclaim the barn’s bedding sand each day—remove it, wash it, and place it back in the barn, clean, cool, and comfortable. Dairy farmers know that there’s a true, directly proportional relationship between the comfort of the milking cows and their milk’s overall yield, quality, and taste.

In addition to its dairy farming uses, SideShooter has emerged as a must-have piece of equipment for managers of commercial game fisheries and freshwater farms for species such as tilapia and catfish. The pull-type SideShooter’s design not only allows for precision spreading of dairy sand, but also for the balanced distribution of fish pellets for even feeding of fish populations.



  • Side-discharge dairy spreader

  • Lightweight and towable

  • For use in dairy and fish farms

  • Distribution of dairy sand and fish pellets



Side Shooter Sand Bedding Dairy Spreader
Size/Capacity 10'/192 cu ft struck
Hopper Material Carbon Steel
Drive PTO Drive Self-Contained Hydraulic System
Conveyor 18" 304 Stainless Steel Mesh Chain
Adjustable from 0 to 20 degrees
Tires 21.5x16.1
Suspension 24,000 lb Single Axle